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01 Feb 2021

A Partial Return To A Better Timeline

I was going to write about the insurrection at the Capitol where ignorant angry white entitled men heeded their ignorant and unintelligent leader’s voice to perform acts of treason in attempting to overturn a fair election and subvert democracy.

I waited too long. And I’m glad that I did.

Because then Amanda Gorman opened our eyes from our long national nightmare with her voice, and now I don’t want to revisit the insurrection and the fools who partook in it ever again.

She is amazing. She is a human of a quality that no QAnon follower, insurrectionist, separatist, white supremacist could dream of being. We need more like her in this country.

The people we’ve been ignoring for four years are the real patriots.

Bless them for nurturing their goodness and their souls and their humanity, keeping them intact and alive for a reawakening of our collective intellectual senses.

The people we’ve been magnifying for four years are the real traitors.

Damn them and theirs to misery and torment for what they’ve wrought and the evil they intended.

The funny thing about every day since Joe Biden’s inauguration is that it seems so MUNDANE. It’s funny how tame things can feel when grownups are doing grownup things in grownup ways. What I’m saying is, if Biden does nothing else other than allow extremely competent administrative types to do their jobs, it’ll be a one billion percent improvement over the last four years of hellhole government brought to you by awful people who just sincerely want others to fail so they can feel like they’ve succeeded.

And not insignificantly, as noted by Laura Bassett on Twitter:

Of course, not all is kittens and ice cream just because we ousted the orange Oompa Loompa. A much larger than desirable percentage of Americans still believe the election was stolen and are invested in some or all of the right’s conspiracy theories. Some of them are even teaching these things to kids in our schools.

In his book Fall: Or, Dodge in Hell, Neal Stephenson goes off on a bit of a tangent (in terms of the overall storyline) about the division of America into the recognizable (the coastal regions) and the less recognizable (the de-evolution of the flyover states into a region known as Ameristan).

The idea that the U.S. could fracture into separate nation states based on ideologies seems more plausible than any other time in recent history. The only problem is that Ameristan is already here, it just can’t be extracted neatly in geographic terms the way Stephenson portrays it. The crazies are all amongst us, coiled around our feet like the physics-defying serpent on their beloved Gadsden flag (those poor oppressed souls).

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