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22 Mar 2021

The Security Pivot

When I started this site, then called WTF Weekly, with a corresponding domain name, the goal was to highlight items of interest that I came across on a variety of topics, and to do so at least once per week.

I quickly found that I would never stick to the weekly schedule, because too many of my other priorities were higher on my internal must-do ranking scale. So I recently ditched the old name and came up with Giant WTF and the domain name.

And still I fail.

I think the way to keep me motivated to writing on this site and actually making it compelling is to pivot once again. It’s actually less of a pivot and more of a narrowing of the current scope. A filtering, if you will.

Starting with the very next thing that I publish to Giant WTF, I am only going to write about computer security related issues here. I am not a security expert, but I do know the general principles pretty well, and it’s a topic that I am fascinated by.

What it means is that you can expect to see both security related news (and some deeper dives into specific incidents) and fascinating truisms of security – information that can help raise people’s awareness of how their devices work.

So let’s all yell out a giant “WTF!” at the prospect of yet another change of direction for this site, and then get on with the work of embracing change.

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